I've been with New Jersey 101.5 for some time now. Not as long as others who work at the radio ranch, but long enough to have gone through some interesting experiences.

One of those interesting experiences dates back to when I was still with the promotions team in 2015. I was the full-time Promotions Coordinator at the time and it was very common to find me driving around in the big yellow van.

I don't remember the event I was on my way to, but I do remember that it was a Friday in October. And, during rush hour.

With that said, let's go back in time to that moment when I hit a deer with the big yellow van. And if you've ever hit a deer, you'll definitely be able to relate to how quickly this can happen.

That time I hit a deer with the big yellow van

Deer can be dangerous on our roadways in New Jersey. Not just during rut season, but any time of year. Here's my story of when I hit one while driving the New Jersey 101.5 big yellow van.

And remember...

deer warning
Photo provided by New Jersey Turnpike Authority

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