Another attack in New York City. This time the terrorist was so incompetent that the only person seriously hurt was himself. Of course we can't just sit back and hope we get lucky. The next attacker may well be a bomb expert and the consequences would be disastrous. The question is what do we do?

Given the recruiting effort from ISIS and the potential number of radicalized individuals, it's time to intensify our law enforcement efforts through surveillance, stop and frisk, and see something, say something. Seems obvious but every time I speak to counter terrorism experts I hear a similar message of proper law enforcement techniques hitting the wall of political correctness and cultural sensitivity.

It's way past the time to get serious about our public safety. Is the Mosque surveillance being held back by political sensitivities? Seems to me that we have a profile of these radical individuals. That doesn't make all young Muslim men suspects, but it certainly allows for "behavioral profiling" in certain areas and among certain individuals. Clearly the Israeli's have figured out a successful technique when it comes to airports. Perhaps it's time to implement similar ideas when it comes to the MTA, Amtrak, NJ Transit buses in addition to airports.

Aggressive action is needed. As our American military forces make incredible strides in the global war on radical Islam, we need to step up the effort at home.

Let's start with anyone committing an act of terror in the name of ISIS being treated as an enemy combatant instead of a criminal. Hopefully that message will come through loud and clear in the handling of the latest bomber. Toughness, vigilance and consistency need to be the hallmark of the domestic war on terror. But make no mistake, as long as Americans have the potential to be killed or injured during the course of their normal daily routine, we are in fact, at war.

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