A beautiful 12,000 square foot home in Spring Lake is on the market for a cool $10,600,000. If that seems too high, Zillow.com breaks it down to only $60,000 a month. See the full listing here.

If you can afford a house like this, I assume you can afford the property tax bill; it is more than $40,000 per year. The home features plenty of amenities I’ve never heard of, but, then again, I don’t travel in those rarefied circles; things like a “Clive Christian” kitchen and quarter sawn oak flooring. One thing I do understand is the 1,300 square foot wraparound porch (I love wraparound porches!) There are six bedrooms (and the master bedroom has five rooms) and seven baths and of course, and since it is in Spring Lake, it is close to the ocean.

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