When I was a kid I was as addicted to the television as my sons are to their new iPods. The only difference is I wasn’t asking my father for his password every 5 minutes so that I could download a new game.


Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

My sons take a break from Angry Birds or Star Wars every night to watch their favorite TV show “Full House” on Nick at Night. They also watch the Thundermans, and Sam and Cat and of course what red blooded seven year olds don’t watch Spongebob Squarepants.

I got them hooked on The Beatles when they were little and they’ve not only seen the movies over and over again, but the Beatles cartoons as well. In fact they used to get confused as to how Paul gets older and younger in each clip.

The great thing about TV is that it’s timeless and funny is funny no matter what the date is. Those Honeymooners reruns were made before I was born and I still laugh my a$$ off at them, only now I do it with my sons who also find them funny. When my boys watch “Full House” they don’t realize that those shows were made over 20 years ago, they only know that they enjoy the episodes.

What were the TV shows you used to watch when you were a child?