I had no idea that today Oct. 15 is National I Love Lucy Day until I read about the house in New Jersey that Lucille Ball never owned. But growing up in Union City New Jersey, at a time when much of the Cuban population was migrating there, I have seen many American women marrying Cuban men who are a very hard working people. Unfortunately if I Love Lucy were pitched today for a sitcom, it would never be picked up.

Imagine pitching the idea of a Cuban band leader whose wife spent her time at home plotting ways to get into his show and living in fear that he should find out about any of her harebrained schemes. Ricky would yell at Lucy both in English as well as Spanish, sometimes he would even bend her over his knee and spank her! That would never fly today, we are too evolved for that kind of "comedy." Yet since the first episode aired on Oct 15 1951 to this day, you're never far from an I love Lucy episode. Today they're on as many as four times a day on various channels throughout your cable. Somebody must be watching.

Why? Because funny is funny and funny stands up to political correctness at least for now. Many who love Lucy were not born when the show was on. Some inherited their love for Lucy from their parents many just found it on their own. So take a teaspoon of "vitameatavegamin"  and enjoy. I think Ricky's about to sing at the Copa!

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