Another case of kneeling during a patriotic moment but this time it isn't a rich NFL player protesting police brutality. It's a teacher in Vineland and they aren't saying why she's doing it.

According to The Daily Journal, an unnamed teacher in the Vineland district has been kneeling during the morning Pledge of Allegiance and it became the subject of a recent school board meeting.

A Coast Guard veteran spoke up telling the board the teacher's behavior was offensive. The district's executive director, Joseph Rossi, told The Daily Journal the teacher gave no indication why she was taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance and indicated nothing of her political views.

Odd. Then why do it at all? This teacher is clearly trying to demonstrate something. Why cause this disruption without having the backbone to speak of it? If it were a religious objection one could simply not stand. But to kneel is clearly expressing some form of dissent. If you're going to protest, then have a spine and commit to your reason.

From The Daily Journal piece we don't even know what grade level this woman teaches. The younger the students the more impressionable they will be. For a woman to take a job as a public school teacher then upend protocol without so much as an explanation is selfish. The district's own policy prohibits the use of school premises for partisan political purposes. So far she seems to be skating by the rules by refusing to acknowledge why she's doing what she's doing. If causing this sort of disruption is more important to her than the children she's supposed to be teaching, perhaps she needs to look for another line of work.

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