Do you trust the tap water in your area? Personally I don’t have a problem with mine, but if your water comes from a well, as does most of the water in New Jerseys townships, you might be a little concerned.

In the last 7 or 8 years, we’ve had reports of “smelly water” in Jackson; and recently officials in Matawan are saying that, despite the water containing above standard levels of a contaminate, it is still safe to drink.

Is it time to chuck tap water altogether and go the bottled water route?

Does Dahrun Ravi beat the most serious charge against him…that of bias intimidation?

Yes or No….I say yes he does. I feel it’s a shame that the trial has gotten the kind of attention it has and may have prejudiced the case against him.

In a prior post I asked the question as to whether or not you feel he’s truly biased, or is just a run of the mill “douche”.

I go douche.

Are you having problems with your Siri….which is the voice activation system built into the iPhone 4S. There’s a lawsuit being filed against Apple for advertising that the voice activation system on the iphone 4s isn’t what it’s cranked up to be.

And as a corollary, are the iPad and iPhone things today that you can not live without? What are some of the others?

This is out of the “no good deed goes unpunished” file…Do you have a problem with homeless people being rigged as mobile Wi-Fi zones…this is all part of a “charitable experiment” by a Manhattan ad agency. (sounds like they’re trying to cook the homeless to me!)

Do you feel you should be shielded from a crime if you act as a “good Samaritan”? There’s a bill up for a vote that would protect Good Samaritans in bad situations, such as if someone overdoses on drugs in your presence, and you happen to have drugs on you…you’d run the risk of being prosecuted yourself.

I’m not ashamed to say this but my wife uses coupons when she goes food shopping.
Do you feel that if you use coupons when you shop, you’re being trashy. I say it’s a great practice to be in especially since the price of everything is going up! "Extreme Couponing" tips were on display when a TV show regular went over to The Hope Center in Jersey City Heights to show folks how to save with coupons.

This one is going to run afoul of Republican ideology, but so what!

The CWA is in favor of a law that would ban Federal Funds for offshore call center jobs….in other words, keep the jobs here…so instead of calling Mumbai when you have a problem with your PC, you’d be calling someone in this country.

Are you in favor of protectionism?...and have you lost your job due to outsourcing? This is the kind of action where Republicans may just start to sound like Democrats.

And a few other things, at 11!