Topic A on tonight’s Late Show will be the the Dharun Ravi trial, which is now in the jury selection phase.

Prosecutors have charged him with bias intimidation in the case where Tyler Clementi and an unidentified male were caught in an intimate encounter which was transmitted by Ravi and a co-conspirator.

Does this necessarily constitute “bias intimidation” or is it a case of extreme “douchebaggery”, which at last check, carries no criminal penalty?


Jeremy Lin is the NBA phenom garnering much attention, but the headlines are garnering more. One headline writer for ESPN was fired for using an Asian ethnic slur to refer to Lin’s poor showing in Friday night’s game against the Hornets. (The headline writer used the phrase...“(blank) in the armor"…after he turned the ball over 9 times against the Hornets.).

Do you feel the headline writer should have been fired? Also…if you know the context in which something is being said….is it really an insult, or, again, just plain “douchebaggery?”

Do you think that Christie would make a good Vice Presidential candidate, and would that make you want to vote for Romney should he (Mitt) win the Republican nomination?

Did you do anything this past weekend to protest the lowering of the American Flag to commemorate the funeral of Whitney Houston. A Michigan man burnt a replica of the N.J. state flag in protest.

Which brought up a host of questions concerning the funeral services of Whitney Houston’s funeral:


Who knew traveling to Newark could bring on leg spasms as was alleged to happen to Aretha Franklin?

Who knew Rayjay was Brandy’s brother? Shows you what I know.

While I am not without sin, it was still hard to watch R Kelly singing at the podium and not think, “sex tape!”

Does Clive Davis not own a mirror, and did he not know that the “Krylon” look went out with the Huckapoo shirt?

When embroiled in a family dispute, just call upon the Rev. Al Sharpton to explain things away. Like his explanation of Bobby Brown’s appearance at the funeral where he said Bobby only wanted to be there for his daughter…showing up with a posse of 9 while the invitation was only for 3!

Right Al, and Tawana Brawley was telling the truth all along.

Ahhh, where was I?

Oh yes, how much are you paying for gas. The upward spiral in price of gas shows no sign of slowing down…especially in view of the fact that Iran has just cut oil shipments to France and Britain.

Speaking of things Middle Eastern, do you feel that Muslim student groups at Rutgers should have been spied upon by the NYPD?

How bad have you ever been punished as a kid that if today, your parents could have been reported to DYFS….and do you think this mother should have to face criminal charges?

I’m all for buying beer and wine in a supermarket, but the reasoning behind pushing the bill is mindless. Wait till you hear this one!

And do you feel that these couple of measures put forth by NJ State Senator Jim Whelan really help returning Veterans? Like one that would fast track returning vets to become teachers.

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