Even in death, New Jersey’s own Whitney Houston is still selling records at an amazing number. Sony records announced this week that Whitney became the first black artist to have three RIAA Diamond certified albums.

RIAA is the Recording Industry Association of America and they are the ones that award, Gold, Platinum and Diamond awards for record sales. To get a Gold record you need to sell over 500,000 albums, Platinum selling over 1,000,000 records and Multi-Platinum is 2,000,000 with increments of 1,000,000. To be of Diamond status you have to sell over 10,000,000 records.

Whitney continues to sell her albums and this Wednesday was awarded her THIRD Diamond status, this one for her self-titled album “Whitney” which went over the 10,000,000 in record sales which is absolutely an amazing achievement. That album also boasted five top ten Billboard singles, amazing.

To get one Diamond award is so tough, especially now when most of the music that we listen to or buy is downloaded but to get three Diamond awards is so very special. When you think of all the amazing black talent and the success that so many black artists achieved, no other black artist has achieved three Diamond awards. There are three other black artists that have achieved two Diamond awards and they include Michael Jackson, 2Pac and Mariah Carey.

The beautiful talent from East Orange, New Jersey achieved the pinnacle in the music industry. Whitney’s YouTube video of “I Will Always Love You” reached over 1 billion views and still counting. Whitney Houston is proof that even in death music will live on and on and people throughout the world will continue to enjoy it.

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