New Jersey's Tanning Mom has released a video for her rap sing "It's Tan Mom."

Screen shot from "It's Tan Mom" video
Screen shot from "It's Tan Mom" video (YouTube)

In a video first released by TMZ, which calls it "quite possibly the worst video ever," the Nutley mom wears leopard skin, two different bikinis, a platnium blonde wig and a black wig as she gyrates with two male models.

“I’ve been singing my whole life, since I was a little girl,” she told WLNY TV. TMZ says "it's so bad, it's amazing." At the 2:00 mark she stops trying to lip sync the lyrics.

There's lots of special effects and dancing to beach backgrounds and pictures of the acutal sun.

At one point, standing behind a podium with the presidential seal, she tries to make out with one of the models as he mouths her words saying, "Don't judge me." Earlier in the video, as she and one of the models suggestively shake and apply sun screen she sings about dropping her top and offering a visual treat to "see my goodies brown."

Krenticil wrote her own lyrics to the song and says she was influenced by Rihanna’s recent hit Diamonds but gave it her own touch. “I took all the lyrics and what was written in front of me and I scrambled it up and I put my own words into the song,” Patricia told RumorFix.

"It's All A Set Up"

Patricia Krentcil on WLNY's On the Couch
Patricia Krentcil on WLNY's On the Couch (WLNY TV)

The rap song, a set of topless photos and a foray into gay porn are all part of her plan to cash in on her "fame" since charges of endangering her young daughter by bringing her into a tanning booth were dropped.

Krentcil told WLNY TV that she believes the allegations against her about her daughter was all a set up. “That nurse made the worst mistake of her life,” she said. "That school is pathetic. It was definitely a set up, I don’t care what anyone says.”

She says “I have people looking into it as we speak.”

It's Tan Mom Lyrics

It’s Tan Mom…BITCH.
(Are you ready)
It’s Patricia…BITCH
(And here I come)
I’ve got a message to use protection from the sun…ha ha ha ha!

I wanna get get GET my tan on
(They all are losers)
I’m sexier than the Teen Mom
(I am cool. I’m the cool one)
I’m hotter than the Octomom
(The world can’t judge me now)

So I want you to back away
Get away from me every day

My name is Tan Mom
Tanning is the mall
That I’ll be in
Not a tanning booth
But outside with the birds
No, that doesn’t work
Forget the birds…CUT

Tan mom.
It’s tan mom.
Tan mom.
I’m the cool one.

Use the SPF
For a handful of sun
Let’s party
All pose at the beach
Drop my cup
Down down down down.
Mazel Tov

Where do you want
I’ll give you a treat
To see my goodies brown
I wanna get get get get my tan on

I’m gonna try to chase my worries away
Forget the worry and sorrow
Gonna burn no more in the flame
Don’t judge me, don’t make a deal
Don’t make a deal because I am saying it to you
I’m saying it to you
Let it be the way it is
Because it’s Tan Mom…BITCH!


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