Just an update for those who asked about our little guy's surgery. First, huge thanks for the emails and well wishes. As you know, having your tonsils and adenoids removed is pretty routine, but when you're 3 years old and have autism it's a bit more challenging.

Atticus did great!

He had the procedure done on Thursday December 27th at the Hunterdon Center for Surgery by Dr. Stanley Sheft. He's a wonderful, caring doctor and the surgery center was absolutely top notch. Can't thank them all enough.

Jeff Deminski photo

Here's a pic of Atti before the surgery, still in a great mood waiting to be brought to the o.r..

Jeff Deminski photo

Ever see anyone this happy about to have surgery?

Jeff Deminski photo

This is right before I walked him down to the operating room. He looks like he knows things just got real.
Funny footnote: I was in the room with him when they began to put him under and to keep him from being scared I started singing the Baby Shark song to him. By the second verse a nurse and the anesthesiologist were singing along, and by the time we got to the third verse the whole room was singing to him as he went under. It made for a heck of a memory.

Jeff Deminski photo

After the surgery, with his neck swaddled with bags of ice.

Jeff Deminski photo

Someone wasn't feeling very great, but he never once cried and never once complained.

By that afternoon he was eating pudding and jello, drinking good amounts of water and a little milk. As I write this he's on Day 7 of what they say is a 10 day recovery and he's done remarkably well so far. Again thanks for the kind emails and well wishes on my personal Facebook!

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