It's unthinkable. It's the wrong order. It shouldn't ever happen. But it does.

With so many young people battling addiction in our state, it's no wonder why there is a need for a support organization to help parents cope with the loss of a child. What I've learned over time is that it doesn't have to be an issue with addiction. Sometimes young people make bad choices with deadly results leaving grieving parents to pick up the pieces and try to move forward.

This is what happened to college junior and honors student Christopher J. Morrissey. One night of partying and a deadly mix of drugs and alcohol left his mom planning a funeral instead of a graduation party. So sad. So unnecessary. So preventable.

Please help the Christopher J. Morrissey Foundation by attending their annual event on Saturday night at the Waterview Pavillion in Belmar NJ.

It's a night to enjoy and find support among other parents who have experienced the worst that a parent can face, the loss of their child.

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