If you're listening to the show in the morning you know that I haven't watched the NFL all season. Disgusted with the unprofessional and unpatriotic actions of many players, then the apologists for bad behavior in the form of coaches and the the Commissioner. I joked at the beginning of the season after the disgusting and hypocritical actions across the league. Mainly, Roger Goodell's attack on President Trump and his defense of the first Amendment all the while failing miserably to address the real issues of injury and domestic violence.

The problem, of course, is that I predicted what would happen. A few weeks into the season, I mentioned that there's no doubt now that I'm not watching, the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl. I've been a fan of the Eagles since I was a kid growing up in South Jersey. Still remember the loss to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV after the 1980 seasons. What makes this year even worse is my wife, son and in-laws are Patriots fans. I've said that I'm a "Patriots fan by marriage". So, of course, both teams will face off in the big game. Who didn't see this coming?

The last time the Eagles met the Patriots in the Super Bowl was after the 2004 season. At some point during the game, my wife Jodi actually started rooting for the Eagles. Mainly because the Pats had already won a couple including the last one and she felt bad for my team...yes, that made the loss even worse.

Rest assured I will stick to my guns, leaving the NFL behind until they fire Roger Goodell and stop pandering to the political agenda on the Left. My friend Hank Flynn, who was a colleague at Chasing News until he moved on to "Hank's Take" on Fox 29, called me the "Football Hamlet" in an interview Monday about the game. He was initially talking about the plight of an Eagles fan married to a Patriots fan this year. His head almost exploded when I discussed my personal boycott of the league.

Of course, I did tweet out to my Eagles fans friends, "You're Welcome." last night after the Eagles completed their trouncing of the Vikings.

What's funny is that as a sports fan, I'm no stranger to superstition so don't worry Eagles fans, I won't be watching Sunday. You can't blame me if the Patriots take them to task. But if the Eagles win as I predicted on Fox 29 today, you can thank me at @BillSpadea. Just please do us all a favor. Control the celebrations. Seriously, grease on the poles to keep unruly fans from damaging property and hurting themselves?

And you wonder why Philly fans have such a reputation.

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