Unless you grew up in one of the river towns of Burlington County New Jersey or know someone who did, you have no idea what "Boost!" is. It's also know as 'Take-a-Boost' or 'Drink-a-Toast'. I was introduced to it when I was 12 years old the first summer I lived in Delran, New Jersey. I was from Philly and didn't know what to make of the stuff, but every kid I hung out with that summer gave me some when I went to their house. Is it an acquired taste? Yes, and when you do, you'll be hooked.

Every hot afternoon I go to the freezer and fill up a glass with ice and water. Then I go to the pantry and mix in one part 'Boost' to four parts water and indulge in one of the best guilty pleasures of summer. I brought some in to work today to see what some co-workers think.

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