Another Christmas season coming up soon and the haters are out. This time in the form of reporters scaring people about a possible bug in the tree that will lay eggs in your house! That's enough to drive up sales for fake trees for sure.

That said, dontcha think if your tree is left out in freezing cold temps in December that the bugs will be long dead? And aren't there plenty of gross creatures that live on live trees and plants that we take into our homes already?

So I say, stop worrying and get the real tree. Yes, I fight with the lights every year. Yes, I battle to get the tree in the house trying to minimize the loss of needles on the floor. Yes, we have to make sure it's watered, and some spills on every fill. But so what? There's nothing like a live tree in your home during the Christmas season.

What about you? Real or fake?

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