PATERSON — A drug bust on a city apartment last week netted more than 20 pounds of marijuana and dozens of brand-name cereal treats, mixed with THC, an active component of the drug.

Police said eight arrests were made during the investigation above a business at 146 Main St. on Friday. Among those facing drug charges are Isaac Wade, 31, Andre White,42, Max Brown, 20, Tyron Mallory, 28, Jacory DeWitt, 32, Gregory Gillispie, 29, and Tequan Motley, 32, all city residents. Also arrested was 28-year-old Chayanne Girao, a West Milford resident.

The marijuana was stored in 132 bags, 50 jars and a Tupperware container, according to Detective Sgt. David R. D'Arco. Police also recovered a container of liquid THC and 73 edibles made with Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

More than $7,000 was confiscated as drug profits, D'Arco said.

Less than two weeks earlier, just north of the city in Haledon, a mother and son were arrested during a traffic stop after being found with a stash of marijuana and similar "homemade" edibles, involving sugary cereal laced with pot or THC.

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