There’s an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your Christmas tree: feed it to a goat. BnT Farm in Marlton collects old Christmas trees to feed their goats.

As The Courier Post reports, Tami Fulcher Millaway owns the farm with her husband, Bill, and they have 12 goats. She told the newspaper that the goats can strip a tree in as little as a few hours, eating the branches and the bark and leaving little to be disposed of.

Last year the goats feasted on 50 trees and they’ve had at least 20 so far this year. It turns out that Christmas trees are good for goats. The bark and needles provide roughage for the animals, but they won’t go near one with pesticide on it. Whatever the goats don’t eat is burned. Millaway says the goats also enjoy bagels, animal crackers, and bread.

To learn more about BnT Farm, visit their Facebook page.

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