Sept 26th marked the 45th anniversary of the second side of the Beatles Abbey Road.

The Beatles Abbey Road Turns 45
Capitol Records

Here's my interpretation of the second side of Abbey Road... “The Story Of The Beatles “

 "You Never Give Me Your Money"

It starts with the boring negotiation of "You Never Give Me Your Money." Four guys who never had to do anything but make the world's greatest music forced to sit in a room of boring numbers and accountants, They can't take it anymore "in the middle of negotiations I break down." Then they start day dreaming, flashing back "Outta college money spent, see no future pay no rent, but oh that magic feeling, no where to go" because when there's no where to go, there's everywhere to go....and so the dream comes true.."

"One sweet dream pick up the bags, head in the limousine, soon we'll be away from here step on the gas and wipe that tear away, One sweet dream came true today”,


"Sun King"

They made it! Everybody's laughing, Everybody's happy, you could run all the Beatlemania clips you want under this including the world tours which are represented by the other languages at the end. No band had ever played to a bigger audience.

 "Mean Mister Mustard"

Mean Mister Mustard are all the older generation who thought they were nothing but a fad, who kept trying to end the run. Parents of screaming girls, the people who protested the shows after John made his Jesus comment etc....From there we go to

"Polythene Pam"

Polythene Pam which refers to all the groupies that they had, what John compared to Satrycon They must have done hundreds of women in their 6 years and they get a nod here until...

"She Came In Through The Bathroom Window"

Out of nowhere come Yoko and Linda and all the gossip "Sundays on the phone to Monday, Tuesday's on the phone to me oh yeah"

"Golden Slumbers"

"Once there was a way to get back homeward" but they've now gotten so big that they will never really be able to go back again.

"Carry That Weight" 

The song accurately describes what they will have to do the rest of their lives, by the time we hit the reprise of "in the middle of the celebration I break down," they are openly crying, haunted by that “one sweet dream” that ended up turning into a nightmare. which brings us to

"The End"

You hear the anger of being haunted by this dream in the opening line "Are You gonna be in my dreams tonight?"  They fight it the only way they really know how, as each one takes one final solo, there are no words for this just the barely heard harmony of "love you" before we hit the 2 line ending where they all harmonize

This band that performed in front of millions would play their last song alone in a room only once. There would be no tour, no video, just four guys who got to the "Toppermost of the Poppermost"

There would be nothing else after this which is what makes this album so powerful. I would bet if you would have told them in 1964 that this is how it would end, no one would have believed you

To this day, I get goose bumps every time I hear Abbey Road. If you're a fan of the album and want to hear an amazing version with just the vocals, click here.


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