Tonight at 11p we’ll discuss the future of rock n roll in New Jersey.  I'm going to be hosting a roundtable discussion about with All Access Rock Editor Ken Anthony, East Coast Rep and owner of Sound Choice DJ’s Dave Hoeffel, Chris Stibol of Stibol Music who not only teaches music but is in a band called “Steve’s Dead” with the band's singerJohn Walsh, who will also join us.

The idea to have this discussion was started when I asked Chris Stibol to name 5 major rock bands that made it big in the last 5 years. I defined major as bands that had major albums, concerts, tours etc.Chris was hard pressed to do it.

If you go back to the inception of rock in 1955 and take any period from then on, how far could you go with the same question? Once upon a time in the 50’s on through the 80’s it was easy to name bands, then in the 90’s it started getting harder. Where are we now in 2015? Tune in tonight at 11p, on New Jersey 101.5!