It's no surprise to anyone that New Jersey is an expensive state to live in. One of the biggest expenses of all is no doubt our property taxes.

And it can be a real struggle sometimes for families and individuals to make ends meet. It's a shame too since New Jersey is otherwise such a great place to live.

We have some of the best food in the nation, along with the most diners found anywhere around the world. Not only that, but we're also a very highly educated state.

Plus, New Jersey is home to a lot of rich history. Combine that with the quality of life for raising a family and it's no wonder why our residents like to stay put.

But with that said, most New Jerseyans have probably thought at one point or another if they'd be better off in a different state. One that's perhaps not nearly as expensive as the Garden State.

Kostiantyn Li via Unsplash
Kostiantyn Li via Unsplash

While some people have moved and never returned, others missed the life they had here and ended up moving back. And it all stems back to what makes this state so great in the first place.

New Jersey really is a special state to live in, which is why it's so sad that some can barely make ends meet just to get by here. But we somehow manage, even though it's not always easy.

So if you're seriously thinking of moving to a more affordable state, or if you're just curious, there are much cheaper options across the country for you. Here's a look at the 25 most affordable states in the nation.

Needless to say, New Jersey is not among them.

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