According to, New Jersey is about to file a major lawsuit against two major US drug manufacturers. I'll break it down for you very simply. The state is on the hook for millions of dollars pledged to help people with opioid addiction. It's a big problem for many people and their families in this state.

When there is a widespread problem in society, people look to the government for the fix, much like a junkie. The government administers the fix, but there are unintended consequences, like who the f--k is going to pay for it? You and me of course, because the state is broke!

So let's go after the drug companies, not the many we have in the state (because they donate to political campaigns here, so they're the good guys) but ones in Connecticut and Arizona. I know, they make two of the most addictive drugs. The reasoning is, they pushed the doctors to prescribe the opioids that got everybody addicted, AND they have a lot of money. Money New Jersey doesn't have!

The real prescription is tough medicine. You took the stuff. You or someone in your family could have identified an issue with it, but you're just a simple citizen who didn't know. The doctor didn't tie you down. The drug companies didn't tackle you and shove it in your mouth. But you've been told it's a disease and somebody should be held responsible, not you.

I know how many people and how many families are in absolute hell over this crisis and I'm not minimizing it. My heart breaks for them, and I know a few personally. But where is any sense of personal responsibility in this equation?

I've been prescribed these drugs before and after taking one or two, threw them out. I know where it leads and it's not for me. If one of my kids or other family member is prescribed them, we carefully monitor their use. I'd love to see big pharma or the government come up with a test that determines what people might be susceptible to addiction with these or alcohol. Then we can nip the problem in the bud, and everyone can be held accountable.

If you test positive for the inclination, a doctor would not be allowed to prescribe them. If you go out and take them on your own or use street heroin, it's on you. I feel badly for you and especially for your family, but it starts with you.

I'm not a fan of lawsuits and pointing the blame in other directions, but I hope the State of New Jersey wins this one, because otherwise it's on you and me to pick up the tab. As always!

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