We decided that this Christmas season, the Spadea family would make a small gesture to show the cops that we're with them every day.

It's the men and women who get up every day ready to sacrifice for the rest of us that make everything else possible in our civilized society. Can't have prosperity without law and order. Can't reach those dreams and then relax during your downtime unless we have strong law enforcement making sure the bad guys are kept at bay.

Cops run toward gunfire. Cops will put themselves in between you and danger. Cops get up every day not knowing what's in store for them. As long as I have a microphone, I'll honor members of our brave Law Enforcement community at least every Friday on #BlueFriday, and typically most days in between.

I'd encourage you to honor the cops this season by putting up at least one blue light. Maybe replace a window candle clear light with a blue bulb. Or do what we did, 1,000 blue lights on one of our outside trees.

Send me your pics on Twitter and/or Facebook and use the #Hashtag #StandWithBlue

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