🔥 Fire broke out Tuesday morning before 8 a.m.

🔥 No one was inside the church at the time

🔥 Firefighters remained on the scene looking for hot spots.

MONTCLAIR — Fire led to the collapse of the roof at the Grace Presbyterian Church Tuesday morning.

Fire Chief John Herrmann told News 12 New Jersey the fire started in the basement before 8 a.m. and spread to the fire floor and caused major damage to the church on Grove Street. No one was inside the church at the time, according to the chief.

"Please send light and love to our firefighters and prayers that this spectacular structure - one of my favorite buildings in Montclair can be saved," Councilman Peter Yacobellis said on his Facebook page.

The fire seemed to be brought under control when it flared up again, neighbor Mary Blich told the news website Baristanet.com. The fire was eventually brought under control but firefighters remain at the church watching for hot spots that could reignite the fire.

Video showed the roof partially collapsed and damage to the windows.

Two firefighters were injured during the fire.

The cause is under investigation.

The 131-year-old church is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has a congreation of more than 500, according to the church website.

This is a breaking story. Check back for additional details.

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