Another episode of our podcast with Jessica Nutt and Jay Black dropped on Wednesday.

The conversation had a bit of a heavier tone that we typically have on the show. We were joined by my friends Lynn Regan and her son Daniel. As you know Jessica and I have been co-hosting their events for the past couple years. They founded a group called CFC Loud N Clear dedicated to direct involvement with people and families battling addiction. For the first time since we've been working with these heroes, Lynn shared her account of finding her son Daniel homeless in California looking for the next high. You're gonna get a little choked up hearing their story. I know I speak for my co-hosts when I say we're proud of the courage and strength in the Regan family and their incredible commitment to victory over addiction.

Of course leave it to Jay to find the lighter and humorous side of just about anything...

Written by: Jay Black

This week, we're lucky to have Lynn and Daniel Regan from the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation to tell the incredible story of how Daniel was saved from a dangerous addiction through the sheer will and perseverance of his mother, Lynn.

You might've heard Lynn and Daniel on Bill's morning show, but in the long-form, commercial free podcast environment, they're able to lay out the entirety of their harrowing and ultimately hopeful journey down through the jagged edges of addiction. It's a must-listen!

(And don't worry, even when things are deep and meaningful, we're still Speaking Millennial: there are enough jokes and laughs to keep you going. Daniel and Lynn tell their story with the deft lightness of two people who love each other very much and who have survived some truly terrible experiences with their senses of humor intact!)

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