Written by: Jay Black

It was a night of a thousand stars -- and of one extra, unnecessary "n" in our award's name. It was a night for tuxedos and custom-made gowns. Or, of, you know, one tuxedo. And me in a t-shirt.

The Millenns were exactly what you'd expect from the Speaking Millennial podcast -- and, really, a wonderful reflection of what it means to be a millennial in general. They were messy, interesting, funny, bloated with self-importance, unreasonably self-assured, and drunk on a weeknight.

Taped live before a studio audience at the world famous Stress Factory in New Brunswick New Jersey, Bill "I own my own tux and damned if I'm not getting some utility out of this, probably for tax purposes" Spadea, Jessica "I'm getting married soon and Vinnie won't be invited to my wedding" Nutt, and Jay "I'm becoming increasingly wary of all the Patrick Lavery will be taking over for me when I die jokes" Black are joined on stage by special guest-host Vinnie Brand and a cavalcade of guests from all your favorite podcasts from the last year!

I think it's fair to say that "Speaking Millennial" is the show business equivalent of Chris Christie's belly: nothing can stop us from expanding, not even a pre-presidential-run lap band.

(And yes, I know Chris Christie isn't our governor anymore, but dang it, I'm not ready to give up the fat jokes. He's got a special spot in my heart, just as life-threatening cholesterol has a spot in his. See, I can't quit him. I just can't quit him...

... just like he can't quit ham. Okay, I'll stop now.)

This episode is a CAN'T MISS! You can listen to it here, or, better yet, you can hit the iTunes link here and subscribe, rate, and review us.

And as always, thanks for listening!

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