A Cliffside Park substitute teacher told her students calmly that soldiers fought for their right to "speak American." Of course this was followed by a protest. And subsequent suspensions.

Here's the bottom line.

The kids were not only being unruly talking out in class but they were speaking Spanish and it's very likely that the teacher did not also speak Spanish so she was right to stop the conversation. Not only is it potentially disruptive to the learning environment to have kids talking in class...isn't that the most basic school rule?!?

But it's potentially dangerous as authority figures may have no idea what is being said, or planned. As far as the teachers choice of words, some are trying to hold her to an ignorant statement because she should've said "English." I don't know about you, but the American version of the English language is pretty different from the version spoken in the UK, so I'm not sure she was that off base.

More importantly, they're kids. They need discipline, structure and should be held accountable to have respect for authority. Unruly kids who are now acting out are another example of the #FakeOffended culture that we have spreading across the nation.  Everyone's a victim, everyone else is a bigot. It's time to grow up and calm down. The teacher should not apologize.

The NJEA should have her back. The parents of the unruly kids should be the ones apologizing to her. Maybe it's time for local news outlets to stop giving air time to every piece of video that gets put out on social media. They lack context and help foster a divisive climate that helps no one.

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