Facts Matter. Yup, I even made it a hashtag. Through all the nonsense of NFL players taking a knee to protest everything from social justice issues to Donald Trump to the latest issue involving the owner of the Houston Texans, the facts have been ignored.

There is a false narrative that has spread through the media about how people of color are treated by police. The narrative has lead to a rise in violence against cops and completely misses the real struggle facing those who are economically disadvantaged in our inner cities.

Kaepernick and the protests he inspired have now infected our high schools. Most of the kids have no idea what they're even protesting other than some vague idea of "social justice." Administrators, many of whom are paid significant six-figure salaries by the taxpayers, refuse to stand up for discipline on the sidelines and classroom and instead cower in the face of dealing with a potential label of racism.

Last week, a pair of referees got fed up and walked off the field after several players on the Monroe High School team took a knee. On Sunday, nearly the enter Houston Texans team took a knee to protest the owner who referenced a cliche that is nearly two hundred years old. A few weeks ago it was a couple hundred players protesting Donald Trump.

Stop it already. The narrative describing racial injustice when it comes to interaction with law enforcement practices is false. The facts are that cops are doing an outstanding job and most people living in difficult conditions in high crime areas want cops on every corner. Kaepernick's protest was all about his fading career. The subsequent protests were just a way of men playing a boys game to act out and pretend for a moment that they were more important than they actually are.

Maybe what Kaepernick and some of the other spoiled, ignorant millionaries in the NFL should consider doing is looking in the mirror. Ever wonder how many NFL players get in trouble with the law? Ever wonder how many area arrested for drugs, domestic violence and gun charges? Let's say it's not a very pretty picture.

And now they've got high school kids acting out because sensible people are afraid to step in for fear of being labeled racists. The absence of adult supervision on the football field is leading to the spreading of a false narrative which isn't doing anything to help the real issues of injustice plaguing our cities.

You wanna fix what's wrong in America? Try electing politicians who understand that the key to success is a strong family, access to education and job opportunities. And all of that is only possible when communities prioritize public safety. And that requires police. So stand up and stop whining about false issue of injustice. There are real problems to tackle and we've only just begun.

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