Hip Hop Star Wyclef Jean of Fugees fame was back in Jersey talkin' politics on Thursday.  You may remember he had previously ran for president ... of Haiti.

Although that didn't work out so well, his music is doing just fine. I should point out the "spoiler alert" here that there are issues which I disagree with Wyclef ... but at least he's got the guts to speak his mind thoughtfully. Specifically the "travel ban" which has been revised and the Supreme Court has partially upheld.

As celebrity after celebrity loses their minds over the Trump Presidency, (See: Eminem and Kathy Griffin as just two examples) Wyclef is asking people to learn the issues and then get vocal. It's refreshing to hear someone who clearly can have an impact on younger voters taking a reasonable stand.

He said today to my Chasing News colleague Ashly Johnson that people should be focused on issues and not party loyalty. That's incredibly refreshing in a world dominated by partisan talking points and speeches designed to stir up the "base" (See: Phil Murphy for Governor).

Did I mention Wyclef at one point had some positive things to say about Sarah Palin?

So we may be on different sides of some issues, this guy is someone who has certainly earned the right to be taken seriously as he discusses important issues that will impact our nation and our state going forward.

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