You know I'm into holistic healing, hot yoga, no-seed oils, and other natural ways to boost my immune system and stay healthy.

So far so good as it's been a number of years since I needed to take a day off of work for illness. That said, with everything I do, sometimes a virus creeps in and takes me down.

After losing my voice on Sunday, I went right to vitamin C and throat tea and was talking by evening.

Tea (Canva)
Tea (Canva)

If you've listened to the show for the past 9 years you know that I lose my voice every year for a few days. Sometimes it's allergies, sometimes a cold, and sometimes it's just overuse. This time, it happened after a brief outage on Sunday, right after the show on Monday. It's been years since I've had to call a doctor, but seeing that my throat was swelling, I thought it was more than just a lost voice.

So, I went to my phone and used an app to call up a telehealth doctor to take a look and prescribe an antibiotic. I started on the regimen after lunch on Monday. Although I did not have a voice until Tuesday afternoon, it was a relatively quick turnaround.

One of the things that helped me both regain my voice and stay strong through the show on Wednesday is a blended drink that our friend Elizabeth shared with my wife Jodi. Simple, relatively good tasting, and helpful.

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Spadea's drink
Spadea's drink
  • Cut up a lemon and an orange and place in a small pot of water.
  • Add sliced ginger root, several garlic cloves, and cinnamon sticks, and bring to a boil.
  • Season with some cayenne pepper and let cool.
  • Strain so you just get the liquid.
  • I reheated in a coffee cup and sipped throughout the day and the show.


It kind of looks like orange juice. You could probably add to cold OJ and enjoy it while getting extra vitamin C. Either way, it worked!

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