Jersey's own Whitney Houston performed the national anthem at the 1991 Superbowl...yup "Wide Right"... and I thought it would be the appropriate response to the ignorance and disrespect shown by Camden's Woodrow Wilson High School coach Preston Brown.

Apparently Preston doesn't really like the national anthem so he's not gonna stand.  Sadly, he was followed by all but two of his players kneeling during the song at Saturday's game.  Protests like this stir up racial tensions and exacerbate strife between communities and cops at a time when we need an increased police presence in the neighborhoods.  Stop it already.

Spend your protest energy standing up against gang violence that has wrecked inner-city communities across NJ and the nation.  Recognize the critical role of Law Enforcement restoring law and order and reigning in the chaos that is the true enemy of civil rights and equality.

A caller that we had on air this morning, Frank said it best. If you don't love the national anthem and have pride in the county, you can leave it. To change the narrative on the people like Preston Brown, I decided to play Whitney Houston's version of the Star Spangled Banner on air, to get everyone in the patriotic mood.

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