The website made a list of the most and least patriotic states in the country. Sadly, but predictably, New Jersey came in dead last.

Don't worry, we're still No. 1 in the highest property taxes and people moving out to other states.

So what makes us the least patriotic? Is it our corrupt, overreaching politicians? No, the answer is deeper than that. The metrics used in the survey include military engagement, voter turnout and volunteer rate. They may not be truly accurate indicators of why New Jersey is at the bottom of the list of patriotic states.

Let's look at the list of the "best educated" states. New Jersey is near the top at No. 2! For states with the highest percentage of college degrees, we're in the top 10. So, what's the connection? We are teaching our young people that America is a horrible place with a dark history and bad people at its origins. So it would only make sense that people here don't have a sense of patriotic pride in a country they've been told is rotten at its core. Look at the crowds of mostly young people around the country, including here in New Jersey, tearing down and defacing statues of anything to do with our past.

This is not an indictment of the many dedicated, hard-working teachers who do their best to teach our kids every day. It is the fault of the "educational engineers," the overly credentialed, multiple-degreed, miserable morons who design the curriculum in our indoctrination camps we call public schools. Those proud New Jerseyans who've actually studied history and read past headlines and posts on social media are some of the most patriotic people in the country. It's just that their numbers are dwindling rapidly.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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