According to a new study by Wallet Hub, New Jersey is the LEAST patriotic state in the union. Yes, we rank 50th.

The rankings were compiled using two broad categories of “military engagement” and “civic engagement.” Within those two criteria things like voting, percentage of veterans, and volunteering were measured. We didn’t do well. We ranked 48th in military engagement and 45th in civic engagement. Our lowest ranking came in veterans per capita; we were 49th (New York was 50th and Alaska was 1st).

Source: WalletHub

The top 5 overall were New Hampshire (#1), Wyoming, Vermont, Utah, and Idaho. Ranking in the bottom, just ahead of New Jersey, were New York, California, West Virginia, and Texas. Massachusetts was the worst for military engagement and Hawaii was the worst for civic engagement. While New Jersey was 45th in civic engagement, some of the categories considered were things like the number of residents who joined the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps, and voting in primary elections which I don’t necessarily see as particularly patriotic. They also didn’t consider the history of patriotism in the state where New Jersey, as the “Crossroads of the Revolution”, would have ranked near the top.

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