Does Tony Soprano live or die?

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This is the question which has been causing quite the debate among Sopranos fans since the show's final episode.

Sopranos creator David Chase finally answered fans in a new interview. Chase tells Esquire that he thought the possibility of Tony being killed would go through everyone’s mind.

Whether this is the end here, or not, it's going to come at some point for the rest of us. Hopefully we're not going to get shot by some rival gang mob or anything like that. I'm not saying that [happened]. But obviously he stood more of a chance of getting shot by a rival gang mob than you or I do because he put himself in that situation. All I know is the end is coming for all of us.

You can read the entire scene by scene breakdown here.

Chase explains the choice of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” was because he wanted something from Tony’s youth and because Chase didn't want fans to stop believing.

What do you believe happened to Tony? Watch the classic scene below and discuss in the comment section below.