Some of us think Halloween decorations are sick and obnoxious. Celebrating gore or death is not my idea of decorating a house.

Even though it may not be my taste, plenty of people really enjoy it. They especially enjoyed the decorations of Anthony Rodrigues of Hawthorne, who decorated his house with multiple zombies for over a dozen years. This year he was ordered by borough police to take the decorations down.

Apparently, someone had complained for whatever reason and the local authorities saw fit to have him remove the decorations, the Daily Voice reports. Unfortunately, in our current world, we’ve let people's sensitivities rule the day. If you don’t like zombies on somebody’s front lawn avoid it for the month of October, you weak, stupid moron. And if you’ve placed some other sort of racial, ethnic, or sexual innuendo into the annual display, then grow up. And more importantly shut up!

Personally, I am offended by how much and how often people are offended in the world these days. Every year people would come from all parts of North Jersey to check out Mr. Rodrigues' house every Halloween. It's not my taste, but it's not my house either. What little joy we can find in 2020 should be celebrated and not torn down.

Neighbors said the homeowner and beloved Hawthorne resident was visibly upset while he was observed taking the decorations down. Even though it may not be your taste, you busybodies have no right to ruin someone else’s good time when they are not hurting anyone! Attention all New Jersey snowflakes and whiners: Grow up, shut up and get a friggin' life!

Instagram: thezombiehouse
Instagram: thezombiehouse

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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