It's not too often you can say Halloween weekend, but here we are! Plus, this year has the added bonus of a full moon on Halloween night, AND and extra hour of sleep on Sunday.

Of course the year when so many things line up to perfection, a pandemic strikes. But don't let that stop you from enjoying yourself, especially for the kids. I mean after all, we have the Jersey Devil and we're not afraid of that (and you know with a full moon he'll be out, so keep your guard up ... especially if you're in the Pine Barrens).

I will say that I'm rather happy to see so many decorations up around my neighborhood, so I'm hopeful that everyone will have a good time. With that said, let me share with you a little bit of Halloween spirit from my house as we do our part to keep the scares and frights alive in the great Garden State!

Halloween is alive and well in New Jersey - By Mike Brant

Okay, so the decorations are up. Now we move on to the next dilemma, which is trick-or-treating. So again, it's 2020, and nothing can be done by the usual rules. Some towns have restrictions on how you can trick-or-treat, or if you can even trick-or-treat at all. But one thing is for certain. .. you can do something! Whatever you decide to do, just remember ...

Don't forget the costumes! — Mike Brandt

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