Happy Halloween, New Jersey.

A few years ago, I was invited to celebrate Halloween at iPlay America, in Freehold.

I asked....what would you like me to do?

And, they said "just come, and have fun."

When I said: "Great, I'll come in costume," my iPlay contact said "Please do."

I picked up a few tubes of white costume face paint, and became "Craig the Friendly Ghost."

I hung out with the Jersey Prize Team from time to time, but most of the evening, I just roamed iPlay "in-character."

So, I wasn't even Craig Allen from New Jersey 101.5...I was truly anonymous...I was "the ghost."

Saying BOO.

My big takeaway from this awesome Jersey Halloween night?

(Friendly) Ghosts really do have more fun.

Everyone wanted to be in pictures and videos with "the ghost."

I would be roaming iPlay...hear a squeal...and a child would come running right at me, at full speed, with arms outstretched.

I've never been hugged so many times in one night.

I often say at events: "There are no strangers here, just friends we haven't met yet."

"Craig the Friendly Ghost" proved my saying.

Sadly, due to COVID-19, hugs are in short supply right now.

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