We hear this cliche all the time. The one about why buy toys, because the kid would rather play with the box it came in. While I don't particularly recall playing with any boxes when I was a child I'm sure I must have done it. Or maybe the problem was all my favorite toys were small ones with no box required? My absolute go to toy was green plastic army men. I would spend hours making my own Band Of Brothers scenarios with those bad boys. And they came in a tiny little plastic bag.

Anyway, I was at the station yesterday and my wife sent me a video of our sitter on the floor playing with Cooper, our 17 month old. The game was simple. Cooper sat inside the box, see, and Kasey hid behind the cardboard flap. When the time was right, and only a 5 star award winning sitter knows this impeccable timing, she pops into view as the flap comes down and Cooper's job is to find it funnier than a Kevin Hart show with a seven drink minimum.

So why DO we buy toys? Hey, how else are we going to get all these boxes?!

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