Two weeks after the massive fire at Dietz and Watson's Delanco warehouse the smell of bad meat lingers over the area.

Dietz and Watson warehouse in Delanco two weeks after a fire (WCAU TV)

Neighbors tell WCAU TV that they have had to keep their windows closed and faces covered because the smell is so bad. ““It’s horrible, it’s just horrible and they are saying that it’s OK for us to breathe, but I don’t believe it," resident Kathy Morgan told the television station.

There are a number of complaints posted to the company's Facebook page. "Love your products on my grill...not liking the horrid smell coming from the charred remains of the Delanco plant. The rotting meat is smells putrid. Please clean it up!!" wrote @Melissa Sinatra. "Please do something about the horrible stench that your building in Delanco is emitting," read another message. "There are schools in nearby towns that do not have air conditioning forcing us to not only sweat in the heat, but gag and feel nauseous from the smell coming from your building.

Dietz and Watson told WCAU TV that because hot spots in the 300,000-square-foot warehouse continue to flare up and preventing full clean up of the facility to begin until this past Wednesday.

30 truckloads of bad product were removed from the warehouse on Saturday and work continued on Sunday. “All of our energies are focused on getting (the rotting meats) out of the building and into a landfill,” according to a statement.

The fire broke out on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend and firefighers from all around south and central New Jersey helped put out the blaze, which proved difficult to do because of numerous solar panels on the roof.