As work nears completion on the demolition of the massive Dietz and Watson fire following a fire, residents wonder if the company will rebuild and resume supporting the local economy.

Aerial view of fire at Dietz and Watson warehouse in Delanco (@PhillyFireNews via Twitter)

CEO Louis Eni told the Philadelphia Inquirer in September the company would return to the Burlington County community. However,the reality is a bit more complicated.

"Dietz & Watson’s preference of course is to rebuild at the existing site” company spokesman Steve Aaron told WCAU TV. “But we need to let insurance companies do their investigations. We don’t even have a cause of the fire yet. Until insurance companies complete their investigation, it’s really premature to make an announcement to rebuild. We’re just not at that point.”

Eni told the Inquirer, "our focus right now remains on finishing the cleanup at the site." The company came under criticism for its slow response to complaints about the smell created by the rotting product left behind. The cold cut maker intensified its efforts and removed the tons of food while bringing in a company to neutralize the smell.

Firefighters continue their investigation into the Labor Day blaze that destroyed the 300,000 square foot warehouse while learning how to better fight fires involving solar panels. The Dietz and Watson facility's roof was covered with the panels and slowed putting the blaze out.

Businesses and residents hope the warehouse will be rebuilt because of the tax revenue collected from the company and the retailers who benefit from truckers and employees.