There are probably a few hundred local bands playing in hundreds of small venues in New Jersey every weekend. Some have a strong following and some are trying to make their mark.

This Saturday night, I had the opportunity to see a local band from Burlington County in a small out-of-the-way bar on a dark country road, next to a small county airport. It doesn't get more local than that.

The band is called "Sloppy and the Joes" and they've been together about 10 years. They're made up of guys who've played music for a long time and know how to put on a good show and please a crowd.

During the 12 o'clock hour today, we dedicated an hour to local bands and where they play in New Jersey. These guys and girls who put it all out there every weekend deserve a look and a shout out now and then.

Here's a full list of everyone who called in to share their bands with us.

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