The struggle goes on for many of us with an insomnia problem in New Jersey. An expert offers his advice.

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Problem sleepers face many challenges, including distractions from electronic devices, food, too much or too little light and a whole raft of others. Some people even are kept awake by their pets and the TV. Some of us can sleep after watching a boring TV. But if we watch something with more compelling or even disturbing content, the sleep task may not be nearly as easy.

Stress can also be a major factor in keeping you from falling asleep at night.

Doctor Jonathan Kass of the Cooper Health System Sleep Disorders Clinic says some people can go, "full guns," right into their sleep and then fall asleep. He says others need time to relax and to settle down before they go to sleep.

Kass says many times those with a sleep problem need a routine - a way of winding down at day's end. He says your sleep environment is very important. If you find yourself glued to your smartphone or laptop, you should back away from them and settle into your pre-sleep routine.

Alcohol is also a big no-no for anyone with a sleep disorder. Sure, you may find it, "puts you out" initially, but researchers have found it can lighten sleep and even disrupt sleep quality. If you must drink, quit at least two or three hours before you try to sleep, say the experts.