Jeff Stewart, a local filmmaker, envisions the perfect way to wrap up his zombie movie ending with an epic battle taking place right here in New Jersey.

Would YOu like to See a Zombie Battle of the Trenton Makes Bridge?
Colin Archer/Getty Images

According to this article, Stewart's perfect ending would take place with a fierce battle on the famed Trenton Makes bridge.  The bridge scene would serve as a revised ending for a film that has already received high praise and was nominated for awards at the 2012 Hoboken International Film Festival. The ending would put a better wrap on the movie and set up for an eventual sequel.

Stewart still needs to raise roughly $22,000 for his dream to become a reality but what if he does eventually raise it? Would you care if the bridge was shut down in the name of film making? Would you deal with the traffic detours in order for NJ to be featured in more films in NJ? Take our poll below and let us know what you think.