We've known about this for a while now, but this latest news confirms we are that much closer to having a new major production facility here in New Jersey (Check out the latest news from Dan Alexander regarding Fort Monmouth by clicking here).

Whether or not you're a fan of Netflix, this is great news for the Garden State. And with word that the streaming giant is bidding on Ft Monmouth shows they are serious about coming to New Jersey.

In my opinion, this couldn't be a better fit for us. Fort Monmouth is a huge location and would be able to accommodate Netflix well with all its projects.

Not to mention what it would do for New Jersey's economy. Once again, people from all over the country (and possibly, the world) would be traveling and staying right here in the Graden State throughout the year.

Man hands holding movie clapper.Film director concept.

And, it would be another positive for the state in terms of a destination for tourism. Asbury Park, the music scene of New Jersey, is just south of the Fort Monmouth location, making this entire region ideal for people to visit from all over the globe.

Who knows? Maybe the next big blockbuster from Netflix will be shot right here in New Jersey. And if we're lucky, maybe those of us living right here in the Garden State will have first dibs at being extras.

And how incredibly awesome would it be if you got to be in a scene featuring one of New Jersey's favorite iconic cars in an upcoming Netflix show shot right in your own backyard? That could become a reality in the not-so-distant future.


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