We all know the heartbreaking story of little 11 year old Abbiegail "Abbie" Smith by now. The Keansburg girl was murdered and police say it was an 18 year old upstairs neighbor who did it. Her funeral is Monday. The story gets even more heartbreaking.

Her father, Kenroy Smith, is so far not allowed to come to the United States to attend his daughter's funeral. He was deported in 2001, years before she was even born, because of a drug arrest. It was over marijuana, something there is currently legislation sitting in Trenton to make legal in New Jersey. He applied for a visa to come to the U.S. from Jamaica and wants to stay only a few days then return to Jamaica. The visa was denied.

He's now appealing to President Trump to intervene and let him come to see his daughter one last time. You can read more about this here in Dan Alexander's story.

I admit there's a lot I don't know here. But from what I read, I would allow it. If the marijuana arrest was for possession, or even if he was a very small time marijuana dealer, I would next look at how he's lived his life in Jamaica. If he's been trouble free there, I see no reason to not let a man attend his little girl's funeral. If however he had been a major drug player (which I'm not reading was the case) or if he were in constant criminal trouble in Jamaica, then I would deny it.

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