Since the advent of the cellphone, curious preteens and teenagers have been using the new technology to, as one expert says, “reinforcing their brand” and sending nude pictures of themselves to kids they want to impress.

However, should the pictures fall into the wrong hands, which could easily happen, they could be distributed to unsavory characters.

So the question remains, how to treat the kids who send the pictures in the first place?

Should the school become involved? Do the police become involved? What is the role of the parents – or for that matter, the legislature that now probably has to craft new legislation in order to keep up with the emerging technology?

These are just some random thoughts on the subject:

More specifically, what do you do with the middle school students from William Annin Middle School in Bernards Twp. accused of sexting?

Question is – what could happen? Jail? No one knows.

So it’s in your hands: Do you feel kids who send nude selfies to each other should be criminally charged?