Another great episode of our podcast with Jessica Nutt and Jay Black is out today! This one stars comedian Jimmy Graham who will be joining us on stage at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill on Saturday, June 2nd for a night of comedy. The special event will benefit the brave people leading City of Angels NJ, a heroin addiction recovery group. It's an important cause and the night will be one to remember. Doors open at 7pm as we'll be recording another podcast on stage with live interaction from the audience. Get your tickets today

See you next Saturday!

Written by: Jay Black

The poet W. H. Auden dubbed the age in which we live "The Age of Anxiety". And when you consider he wrote that poem in 1948, with Vietnam, Watergate, Mount St. Helens, "The Challenger" disaster, 9/11, the KFC Double Down, the final episode of "How I Met Your Mother", and Donald Trump still yet to come, it only serves to underscore just how much anxiety we're all dealing with today.

So, how to relieve all that modern anxiety? There are only two psychologist-approved methods. One, extreme salsa dancing. And two: coming to see the Speaking Millennial Comedy Show and Live Podcast to benefit the City of Angels at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill this coming June 2nd at 8PM.

On this week's show we host Jimmy Graham, one of the very funny comedians who will be performing with us on the show. It's a great episode (even though Jimmy couldn't hear Bill for some reason due to technical difficulties!) but, ultimately, it's an important episode.

Take care of yourself! Reduce anxiety! Buy tickets to our show at and do your part to help the City of Angels!

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