Hey, New Jersey!

I need you to help settle this debate because I feel like I’m going crazy.

It came up once again on the afternoon show on New Jersey 101.5 that people (myself included) enjoy breakfast for dinner on occasion, and I was challenged about its legitimacy.

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For the uninformed, it’s a simple concept:

maybe once a month you’ll break tradition and have breakfast foods for dinner.

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Sometimes you’re not in the mood for something big like a steak or spaghetti and meatballs, so you just want something simple like eggs or pancakes for your evening meal.

Perfectly reasonable, no?

Apparently not.


For some reason that seems insane to afternoon hosts, Deminski and Doyle. Meanwhile, I think it’s perfectly fine.

Breakfast foods and drinks
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Have you ever gone to a Jersey diner for dinner and ordered a Belgian waffle? I certainly have, and I can’t be the only one!

Or have you ever been hankering for a quick nibble at night so you gobble down a piece of buttered toast? There's nothing better.

I refuse to believe that I’m the only one enjoying breakfast foods in the evening hours, but please let me know if I’m in the minority in this poll.

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