If you’re movie fan and you haven’t heard of MoviePass yet, you better listen up!
And If you’re not a movie fan yet, it’s possible that you will be when you hear about movie pass.

MoviePass is a program that offers any movie in Theatres, Any day for just $10 a month. Unlimited. Go see 100 movies if you want (The only caveat is you cannot see the same movie twice).

Following the subscription plan that has been so popular online for retail goods, gyms, and even carwashes, MoviePass is designed to make you keep coming back for more. And it’s a win/win for everyone since you save, and the business offering subscriptions has an automatic return customer.

I know people who haven’t been to the movies in years since it is become so freaking expensive. But this is a way to get in your movie fix at a pretty good deal.

Yes, the film industry has lost a lot of its customers because of on-demand, Netflix, and all the competing forms of entertainment that you can enjoy without ever leaving your house. But there’s still something to a night out at the movies, and MoviePass has made that even more fun and affordable (A friend of mine even buys cheap candy before getting to the theater to save even more money!)

There are plenty of New Jersey movie theaters who are participating, but you might not want to buy the MoviePass card unless you know your favorite theaters in New Jersey are participating. So check this out first: Here’s a link to a website where all you have to do is enter your Zip Code and find out If your theater accepts MoviePass.

Tonight is the night to see that scary movie you didn’t go to on Halloween because it would’ve cost too much! Now you can see ‘em all!

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