We New Jerseyans spend a lot of time in our cars. The average (and keep in mind this is just the average) commute time in the Garden State is up to 31.2 minutes. We rank third in the nation. With all the stop and go traffic and crushing delays our state has to offer maybe it's good news that the manual transmission is going away? Yes, you heard that right. The stick shift is quickly moving to the dustbin of history.

Audi announced it will no longer offer any stick shift options in vehicles sold in the U.S. beginning with the 2019 model year. They are becoming harder and harder to find. Also less necessary. It's often no longer true that a manual transmission makes for a more fuel efficient ride due to the vastly improved technology in automatic transmissions. You're really only left with a nostalgia argument.

Which makes me think back to all the other things I never see on cars anymore.

Do you remember what my family used to call 'fly windows'? Most will call it a vent window. That small triangular window apart from your main window on your door that you could open an angle for some airflow without your whole car turning into a wind tunnel.

How about hand crank windows? When's the last time you saw one of those? I don't even know if the most stripped down, cheapest car comes with anything other than electric today. I've heard stories of teenagers getting inside a very old car and being told to lower the windows and having no idea how to do it. Kind of like when they can't figure out how to dial a rotary phone.

Then there's what my old man had to turn on and off his high beams. It was that little foot switch on the floor. You'd work it with your left foot and it was placed on the floor to the extreme left.

Can you even buy a smoker's package anymore? If not, you won't be seeing any ashtrays built in. My dad's car's ashtrays were filled with nasty old bubblegum from my brother since no one smoked in my family. Then there was that cool little cigarette lighter you'd press in and wait for it to pop out. That circle of glowing orange would light your cigarette. In our case our dad just let us play with it and watch the orange slowly disappear.

I'm sure there are others I'm not remembering. Feel free to share if you can can think of any.

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