This weekend, Seattle area police officers are going undercover: they're dressing in San Francisco Forty-Niner's jerseys to catch fans misbehaving. 

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks - Police will be in the stands
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Fan boorishness towards people supporting the visiting team is not just a recent phenomenon; almost 30 years ago I was wearing Cardinals' gear while attending a three game weekend series at Wrigley Field and got both popcorn and beer poured on me.  Most of the beer missed me, by the way.

I haven't tried the visiting team colors in Philadelphia, but the people here at the station who root for Philly teams have discouraged me from trying.  Sooner or later it will come up and I'll have to decide whether or not to go incognito.

I have, however, dealt with New York baseball fans; last season my son and I took in a game at Yankee Stadium and while I had a Tigers' hat on and my son was wearing his Austin Jackson jersey, everyone we encountered was cordial.  This year we took in a game at Citi Field and the Mets fans in the parking lot, in the ballpark, and sitting in front of us were positively friendly.

New York sports fans are OK in my book.  This winter we'll see if that holds true at a Rangers' game. What have your encounters with sports fans been? Where are the best and worst fans located?

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